Same-sex couples can enter into either civil partnerships, or get married (at the moment, opposite-sex couples can get married, but cannot enter into civil partnerships).

Civil partnerships give the parties much the same rights and responsibilities as marriage does, and the formal process for dissolving civil partnerships is akin to divorce.

If your civil partnership has come to an end, you will need to dissolve it formally, and will also need to decide on how to divide your finances, and on arrangements about your children.

D&G Family Law encourages a constructive approach without the need for the involvement of the court if possible. A firmer approach can be adopted using the court process, often with a view to encourage negotiations to take place. Please get in touch with us to arrange a 30-minute, no obligation meeting for a fixed-fee of £50 plus VAT.


An initial half hour consultation appointment is available for a fixed fee of £50 plus VAT. This no obligation appointment will enable you to talk to Clive about your family matter and provide you with initial advice and discuss the next steps to take.

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