Whether you are or have been married or not, there are times when parents cannot agree on what to do for the best in relation to their children.

It is impossible to produce an exhaustive list of areas in which parents disagree, but it most frequently includes:

  • where the child should live and with which parent;
  • whether care should be shared and if so what the arrangement should be;
  • how much child maintenance should be paid;
  • where the child should go to school.

We can help you navigate any situation you might be unable to agree with the parent of your child. This frequently involves help to write a letter to your ex-partner, so that what is in dispute can be clearly understood. It might involve a request that communication is focused solely on your child, and that it is kept civil.  Sometimes, there is no alternative but to go to Court, to ask for a legally binding decision to be made. We can guide you through this process, to ensure that you get the outcome that is in the best interests of your child.

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